Abacus Is An Ancient 3000 Years Old Calculating System, Adapted As A Whole Brain Development Tool In The Modern Era, Which Accelerates Your Child's Learning, Mathematical Abilities And Overall Academic Performance.

A standard abacus is used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is an effective mechanical device used for counting. Apart from this, it is also used to extract square-roots and cubic roots. The tool is made of different types and sizes of hardwoods. It is specifically used for calculation purpose, especially arithmetical calculations. Abacus is an ideal learning tool for young children. It will give better clarity about different pattern and shapes. Moreover, students can also learn to count number backward. By using an abacus, you can make math learning fun and interesting for children. In simple words, it is the most convenient tool for calculation.


  • ·       FOUNDATION (4 Levels)
  • ·       ADVANCED (4 Levels)
  • ·       GRAND MODULE (3 Levels)

Class Details

  • ·       Duration per level: 13-16 weeks
  • ·       One session a week
  • ·       Every session is 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • ·       Students per class: Maximum – 15
  • ·       Certificates are awarded on the successful completion of each            level


  • ·       Structured and systematic curriculum
  • ·       International teaching standards
  • ·       Professionally trained & child friendly teachers
  • ·       35 days of thorough training for instructors
  • ·       Small batch size to ensure individual attention
  • ·       Brain gym exercises & speed writing
  • ·       Regional, National & International competitions held every year
  • ·       Benefit of Samvit Abacus is not just Math's… but much more… Regular practice of abacus, brain gym and speed writing helps children.
  • Improve in academics – through Improved Concentration, Improved Listening, Better Retention & Recall, visual memory, Enhanced Logical reasoning, Improved Numerical ability, Better Speed & Accuracy, Higher Self Confidence of computing skill
  •         Enjoy the fun of learning and reduce stress
  • ·       Feel and act more confident
  • ·       Grasp faster and are more attentive
  • ·       Improve their numerical ability
  • ·       Learn to compete and win
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